The anonymised microdata are made available to scientists at universities and other research institutions for the purposes of free scientific research and teaching. For data protection reasons, registration is required for data use.

You already received  Cohesion Panel - data from us in the past? The corresponding data transfer contract explicitly refers to Cohesion Panel data.  To order further data, please register and follow the order process, which includes a contract submission for all further data orders.

Since the respondents of the respective studies were assured that their data would be used exclusively for scientific purposes, a firm institutional connection to a university or scientific institution is a prerequisite for concluding a data use contract. The firm connection also ensures that the institutions are responsible for compliance with the data protection guidelines within their institutions. We define permanent affiliation as university professorships and permanent doctoral positions. These primary data users are to receive their own data user accounts at the Research Data Centre of the RISC, which can be accessed and managed via the RDC-RISC website. The primary data users can pass on the data on their own responsibility to other persons (secondary data users) in their institutions with whom they conclude data protection agreements and who must be listed in the accounts. Secondary data users do not have their own account, but are listed in the accounts of the primary data users.



Legal basis

Data transfer is based on the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Bremen Data Protection Act (BremDSG).

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Registration request

The mobile number is used for password transmission when ordering data. Please do not enter a landline number here.